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We provide a range of coaching and consultancy services to individuals and organizations. We offer psychological assessment, personal and professional coaching, marketing and communication coaching & consulting, career coaching, strengths coaching and personal brand management services.
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posted by Ana Loback, 12/12/2011 22:36:00

Finding the empathy in human nature

Empathy is the capacity to recognize and even share feelings that other people are experiencing. Have you ever realized how problems tend to isolate people and how that feeling of isolation is almost worst than the problem that originated it? Knowing that you are not alone, that there is someone else who recognizes, understands and shares your feelings is essential in overcoming your problems. So, are human beings innately emphatic or do we have to make a conscious effort to feel other peopleís pain? This takes us to the different conceptualizations of human nature.

posted by Ana Loback, 24/10/2011 23:33:00

Are you in your zone?

Iíve always loved music. My parents tell me that even as a baby I was so sensitive to melodies that hearing tunes in minor chords would instantaneously bring tears to my eyes. I remember being told off at school for singing all the time during classes, especially when doing exercises, drawing in arts class or during any such activities that required my concentration. Itís like I needed to sing to think.

posted by Ana Loback, 24/01/2011 21:21:00

Creative Internet Marketing: How to conceive a strategy that works for You

It is undeniable that we live in the age of the internet. Its presence and influence are nearly global, affecting almost every sphere of human life, with ramifications in the social, cultural, economical and political arenas. However, it is in the business field that the internet has made the most significant and lasting impressions, forever changing the way we buy and sell things. The internet has completely transformed marketing, changing how brands and companies communicate, relate to and sell/ market their products to customers. But first thingís first and letís be honest here: there is no quick-fix solution or recipe for success in internet marketing.

posted by Ana Loback, 10/01/2011 00:23:00

Battling Temptation Ė Get Your Brain on Your Side!

For many of us this is the time of year for making new resolutions such as quitting bad habits and winning the battle against addiction. However, whether itís quitting smoking, junk food or bad management habits, we all know how this can be extremely difficult to follow through. In fact, the reason why itís so hard to break our bad habits is because they get literally wired into our brains.

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